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What is the Fear of God?

I had the good fortune of hearing Atul Gawande speak at Forsyth Medical Center on Tuesday. He is a great writer. The Malcolm Gladwell of health related topics. I strongly recommend his latest book Being Mortal.

On Tuesday, he mentioned another book, written by a Harvard professor in 1908 – a man by the name of Josiah Royce. A philosopher, Royce, in his book pondered why men and women failed to feel satisfied simply by having their basic needs met – food, shelter, health – great question – if you’re like me, getting my basic...

Risen Indeed

It’s more than a holiday. It’s more than bunnies and delicious candy. It’s even more than worship on a crisp, early Sunday morning with...

Hope Around the Table

I’m a part of an amazing community group at my church – the Young Women’s Supper Club.  Our congregation meets in a high school,...