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…a digital community of creators, EVERYDAY EXILES seeks to explore faith and express how Jesus is King and cares about all aspects of culture and life…

Our Story

We dreamed of a place where diverse voices could come together and express how Jesus is in all aspects of culture. We live in a world where Christianity isn’t necessarily the home team anymore. For many, it’s a cultural relic, to be put in a box and forgotten about. A relationship with Jesus is a foreign concept.

We don’t think that should be the case. We are exiles living in a world that doesn’t totally understand us. Everyday we interact with countless people who have stories, thoughts, feelings, loves and hates. Everyday they are pursued by a loving God who wants to be known. Everyday we will provide content that loudly proclaims Jesus is King and we will ask our readers to struggle with truth in anew ways. If you are an exile, you have found your place!

Let’s come together, create some cool stuff, and work out together what it looks like to love and be loved by Jesus authentically in a world that is not our home.

Disclaimer: Serving as a theological landing place means that there are a variety of different voices at the table; some views expressed on this website we probably agree with… others, maybe not so much. Thus, the posting of articles on this site does not equal an endorsement of the stated viewpoint by either Chris Lawson or James Harris.