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…a collection of radically diverse voices representing the radical message of Jesus….

Anna Mosely Gissing Writer, Speaker, Editor
Ivan Strong Moore Campus Minister
Rachel Dawson Writer & Editor
Joe Danehower Engineer
Chris Lawson Author & Pastor
Heather Strong Moore Writer & Campus Minister
James Harris College Minister
Tyler Speegle Writer
Taber Cheo Missionary, Business Leader, and Pixar Lover
Beth Gianopulos Attorney, Mom, and Missionary
Lori Travers Household CEO
Jared Odenbeck Pro Soccer Player
Esther Followwill-Johnson Writer, Actor, and Mother
Meg Rodriguez Writer
Ardi Shahini Author & Pastor
Ashlee Johnson Minister and Mother
Ned Erickson Author & Minister
Houston Clark RUF Intern - Vanderbilt
Cameron Robinson Pastor & Teacher
Sage Blalock Divinity Student
Josh Godwin Youth Pastor
Brandon Miller Divinity Student
Tatum Fishel Teacher
Whitney Hsu Mother and Worship Leader
Pete Hardesty Young Life Staff
Casey Costa MD/PhD Student
Tommy Brown Author and Pastor
Will Jordan Lawyer and Writer
Brandy Campbell Writer
Devon Johnson Founder and Editor of Whilst Magazine
Lydia McCord Follower of Jesus
Naomi Woo Mother, Missionary, Writer
Will Comer College Student
Tiffany McCrary Mom and Minister
Jessica Fields Graduate Student and Coffee-Drinker