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REVIEW: Mudbound (Netflix)

REVIEW: Mudbound (Netflix)

“Over there, I was a liberator. People lined up in the streets waiting for us. Throwing flowers and cheering. And here, I’m just another n***** pushing a plow,” Ronsel says to his new ally and fellow WWII veteran, Jamie. The two have just returned, Jamie from the cockpit of a fighter plane and Ronsel from the driver’s seat of tank in the war to end all wars. What they returned to is the story of Mudbound, Netflix’s newest Oscar hopeful adapted from Hillary Jordan’s novel and directed by Bessie director Dee Rees.

That line tells...

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God on Mute: A Book Review

Many years ago, before we had children of our own and life became crazy busy, we used to run a children’s Bible Club every week in...

Should I See It? Captain America: Civil War

Did I ever mention I love movies?  They are one of the most powerful means of communication.  Stories are king.  And movies with good...

REVIEW: The Letters: Packing a Larger than Life Person into a Regular Life Film

Mother Theresa is one of those enigmatic figures of the twentieth century that continues to toy and tickle the imagination of the world decades...

REVIEW: Emotion, Tragedy, Faith, and Victory in My All American

From the guy that brought you Rudy, Hoosiers, and all the subliminal linkage you now carry between sports and feelings comes a brand new...

REVIEW: The Armor of Light

At this point in time, it seems as if guns and evangelical Christians are the new baseball and apple pie. So to see, in...

REVIEW: #Being13

Earlier this week, CNN aired a special entitled #Being13 where they followed over 200 13 year olds on social media for two years.

Here’s a...