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Comfort is something we all strive towards, right? We strive to be financially comfortable. We strive to be comfortable in our homes with AC and heat, full fridges and comfy places to sit. We as human beings enjoy comfort. I think, for as much as we all desire it, comfort can not supply us with many things that we crave.

For instance, it is much more comfortable to text people from our couches than to meet up with them and have face to face conversations. However, as human beings we naturally crave community and we cannot have that intimate community without face to face conversations with one another. Not that I am disregarding virtual relationships, outreach, etcetera, but it’s a different kind of connection and a different kind of community.

It is more comfortable to skip the gym, however, in doing so we will never achieve the physical and mental wellbeing we desire.

It is more comfortable to only spend our money on our needs and wants however, we will never achieve the connection with others, the compassion the great feeling and beauty that giving brings if we remain in this comfort.

It is comfortable to constantly distract ourselves with media and technology however, it’s in the stillness, the quiet that we find true peace and wholeness.

I want to venture to say if we are never uncomfortable we will never be bold and do the things in that boldness that we so crave. Furthermore, I believe that comfort intoxicates our senses and holds us back from all kinds of goodness, abundant life as well as the big one, truly following Jesus.

This year I want to challenge myself and you, dear reader, to get uncomfortable. Meet up with people and have face to face conversations. Be active. Give generously. Be still, sit in the quiet.  Get uncomfortable.

So… What does the God of the universe instruct on this? Right here right now let’s get uncomfortable.

When Jesus was on the earth preaching and teaching, He made people uncomfortable with His message. Especially any time He felt the crowd getting comfortable. Reading through the gospels you can watch as Jesus weeds out those who just desire comfort to reveal the true followers. For example, in the gospel of Luke chapter 9, verse 57 someone said to Jesus, “I will follow you wherever you go.” In verse 58 we see Jesus’s response, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” In the following few verses the same kinds of exchanges are recorded, it looks like Jesus is discouraging people from following Him. I believe He is looking into their hearts and seeing the things they love more than Him and calling it out. For many of us I think that is our comfort.

I am as guilty of this as the next person. There have been many times that I have not spoken up, reached out, or made a move because it would have been uncomfortable. I sacrificed obeying the LORD God to maintain my comfort. I know that I am forgiven, but that does not make me feel better for missing opportunities to share with someone the love that God has for them.

Earlier in this chapter of Luke we can read about Jesus sending out His 12 disciples in verses 1 through 6. In verse 3 He instructs them to take nothing for the journey. To leave those comforts and securities behind. Why? I believe it’s because when we rely on comforts we do not rely on Jesus. When we trust in securities the world offers, we don’t trust Jesus to supply our needs.

If we are going to radically follow Jesus in the way He demands, giving up our lives for Him, we cannot lean on comfort. We have to only, fully lean on Him. All our weight trusting Him to hold us up.

In verses 23 through 27 of this same chapter, Jesus gives instruction on what is required to follow Him. This list consists of denying ourselves, taking up our crosses daily. If we do not, we attempt to save ourselves and in doing so lose our lives because we must rely on Jesus to save us. We must not be ashamed of Jesus and His words, if we are, we are not denying ourselves but we are denying the Son of God.

What part of that sounds comfortable? Are we willing to be this uncomfortable for our LORD and Savior? It goes against our culture, even much of our modern “Christian” culture. But it is the truth and it is the only thing that will set us free.

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

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