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Framing the Bible

Framing the Bible

We’ve been talking about reading the Bible the last couple weeks. Why it’s important and some tips on how to do it. One thing that really helped me in this process was learning that the Bible can be framed. Themes can be traced throughout the Bible. This might seem like a no-brainer but this concept rocked my world. Being aware of this gave me something to look for while reading and helped me see how all 66 books connect. I hope it does the same for you if it hasn’t already!

One of my favorite ways to frame the Bible is in a very simple and general way. It looks at God’s relationship with humanity. The first part shows humans trying to have life and wellness and happiness all on their own without God. That does not work. The second part shows humans trying to partner with God by following His law perfectly to achieve life. That does not work either. Then God does it, without humans. Jesus fulfills the law and lives the perfect life humans couldn’t, attaining life and righteousness and then giving it to us, freely. Because He loves us. Through all of that.

When I think about the Bible in these three parts it helps me see how incredibly coherent and connected the Word is.

There are many ways to frame the Bible. Find one that sticks out to you and begin reading with that outline in mind! It will blow you away.

Themes to look for while you are reading could be shadows of Jesus and the good news of Him being told hundreds to thousands of years before He came and provided a way for humanity to be saved. Such as in famous stories like David and Goliath. David is a shadow of Jesus. Jesus stands up to our impossible obstacles, like following the law, death, etcetera and gets it out of our way. (We are the scared guys back at camp shaking in our armor… not David.) That story is an incredible foreshadow of the gospel. Jesus later on DID defeat death and DID complete the law so we can be set free and don’t even have to go down to fight the giant. We don’t earn it, don’t achieve it, victory is given to us freely. So as you are easing through this ancient, living text, look for foreshadowing of Jesus and His redemption of humans.

Looking for themes and framing tools as we read the Word help us see how God perfectly put this incredible story together and how much grace and mercy it all entails.

The most important thing though? Is just to read it. Let’s not outsource our faith to a pastor or author of a devotional. Let the Word teach itself to you.

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