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The Most Complete Vacation Packing List in the Galaxy

Have you ever arrived to your vacation spot only to be missing a crucial item?  It is more than a hassle.  It’s a distraction, annoyance, and frustration.  I am a frequent culprit of forgetting things for trips, especially toiletries.  One time I led a cabin of guys at a camp through an obstacle course wearing Tretorns and yoga pants.  But that’s a story for another time.  Don’t be unprepared.  Onward.


  1. Passport/ID/license/credit cards
  2. Electronic devices AND chargers
    1. Ipad charger, car phone charger
    2. I have one of those little mophies that will charge my cell phone 2 whole charges. Just in case I am stranded somewhere and the phone is dead.
  3. Marpac noise machine (I like white noise, especially when rooming with someone—more often than not you will get someone who snores like a banshee)
  4. Toiletries – check or carry-on (I have 2 different pre-prepared toiletry kits—one for check and one for carry-on)
    1. If you are really responsible all liquids in ziplocks in case of breakage or spillage.
  5. Medication
  6. House key
  7. Trash bag for dirty clothes
  8. Water bottle
  9. Travel Alarm clock (I don’t like to sleep next to my phone because I will surf aimlessly instead of going to bed).
  10. iPod (Yes I am one of the few who still use an iPod for exercise.  You might want it for running—especially if you are going to the beach, you may not want to run with your phone and get it all sandy)


  1. Boxers
  2. Undershirts
  3. Socks-athletic and dress
  4. Pijamas
  5. Jeans
  6. Shirts
  7. Pants
  8. Shorts
  9. Sweater
  10. Dressy outfit? Church or meeting?
  11. Belt(s)
  12. Running or workout gear/shoes
  13. Sweatshirt
  14. Swimsuit?
  15. Jacket?/Rain coat?
  16. Dress shoes/Flip flops

For Flights:

  1. Eyemask
  2. Ambien (or Jack Daniels minis)
  3. Earplugs
  4. Travel pillow

Maybe?/Other miscellaneous stuff

  1. Aux cord
  2. Retainer (don’t laugh, it’s a mouth guard for grinding)
  3. Tickets (airline, concert, sporting event, etc.)
  4. Contacts/solution
  5. Extra pair of glasses
  6. Night light or small flash light
  7. Cigars (you should try them–they are celebratory and relaxing)
  8. Snacks/Protein bars
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Kan Jam, Corn Hole, or other lawn games
  12. Aerobed/air mattress
  13. Towel
  14. Golf clubs
  15. Ravens/Orioles (your favorite team paraphernalia)

Check out this list from another site.  It’s almost as good and even has detailed toiletries.

What would you add?  What did I miss?

Happy Vacationing!  I hope it is the best one yet.

Pete Hardesty

Pete Hardesty grew up in Baltimore, MD and graduated from the University of Virginia. Pete then joined the staff of Young Life in 1997 till present. He lives outside of Washington D.C. where he leads the college division of Young Life for the eastern part of the U.S. He loves college students, beach volleyball, and his 2 nieces very much. Likes: His nieces, Ravens football, college people (even though they make him feel old), movies, cigars, Thai food, the Middle East. Dislikes: Country music, tomatoes, shrimp, rice crispy treats, and wet socks. Pete believes because we only get one shot at this life we need to figure out what matters and give ourselves to it. Let’s make it count. If you have a problem with this, he challenges you to meet him behind the dumpster after school to fight.

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