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A Single Rose

A Single Rose

There is a single rose hanging by a broken stem outside my window. One single rose hanging on a dried bush. See how she hangs on, though tossed by the wind.

This year has been a year of thorns; death, loss, brokenness, loneliness, abandonment.

And this year has been a year of roses too. Not the pretty ones from the greenhouse. No, the sturdy ones that hang on by a thread. The ones that are a bit beaten down and broken. The rose that hangs on by a limb as if to say I’m still here and I’m not letting you go; as far as it is up to me.

We may not have been given the beautiful bouquet we thought we were going to have, but we were given what we needed most; the rose of friendship, the rose of family, and most importantly The Rose of Sharon.  He is the rose who bore all the thorns in His crown so that they could not crush ours.

He is the Rose that will hang onto you through all of this life’s troubles. He will never let you go.


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