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I was sitting in Starbucks, skipping church. I got there eventually. I was on my way out actually when I saw my friend Nigel, sitting by himself with his finger on his phone the way he does when he’s scrolling through his emails.

I sat down because that’s what I do when I see my friend Nigel.

Turned out he had something to talk to me about, and so he did. And I was obliged because when Nigel talks I listen.

Then he asked me about work, and I told him how well it was going. I said, “You know, Nigel, my whole job comes down to this: being a blessing. That’s it. My job is to be a blessing.”

“So you know what that makes you?” he asked.

“What?” I answered because I didn’t know.

“That makes you a blessing,” he said.

I said, “That’s what it feels like – when I bless others I end up being blessed.”


I looked at him because I didn’t understand.

“That’s who you are,” he said.



“I am blessed.”

Nigel nodded.

“Being a blessing makes you a blessing?” I wondered out loud.

You don’t get it, do you? he said. Actually, he didn’t say it; he just looked it.

I don’t get it. I didn’t say. I just looked it.

“You only can be a blessing if you are blessed.”

“Oh!” I said.

“You only can give to others what has first been given to you,” he said.

I’ve been thinking about that ever since: that what we offer the world comes out of what we have first been given. That’s how it works.

When God blessed Abraham (Genesis 12), he said I will bless you, and you will be a blessing to others…

In fact, I’m starting to believe that being a blessing is all our jobs.

Just remember, the blessing comes first. You must first receive the blessing to be the blessing.

So how blessed are you today?

Before you go about doing the work. Spend some time letting God work his blessing into you!

Ned Erickson

Ned is the Founder and Executive Director of the Winston-Salem Fellows, a non-profit dedicated to equipping people to live seamless lives as they grow into the men and women they were created to be. He is the author of four books, including the critically acclaimed novel Clay. He, his wife, two children, dogs, rabbit, guinea pig, turtle, and chickens live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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