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You’re Invited!

You’re Invited!

A few months ago, some friends and I sat at our discipleship group and dreamed about what God could do in our lives. Where is he moving? What is he saying? What is he already doing that we can link up with? A couple of us already blogged for Everyday Exiles and wrote for other projects. A few of us are on some podcasts. And for right now, in this moment, those mediums are a big source of how information is spread. We want to be people who are speaking into today’s culture.

So, we dreamed a little. What if we did something, just us girls? What if we interviewed people? What if we had some content, something that people can lock into and walk away knowing another facet of God’s character and encouraged for the day ahead? What if we can sit around a table and talk through tough stuff and good stuff and laugh. What if? And with the help of our buddy Chris who said yes to our ideas, and Ryan who has edited our shows thus far, we made that dream a reality.

When conversing – and through what felt like hundreds of text messages – we finally landed on a name: “You’re Invited”. We wanted a welcoming name. One that reminded the reader that it does not matter their age, their life stage, their skin tone, their denomination, their past, or anything else because: You’re Invited. We want the hearer to recognize the envelope icon as a piece of mail that makes their heart leap. Isn’t it so fun to be invited? To get a letter in the mail that is personal – and not just another bill? Isn’t it so filling to our souls to be invited… to an event, an evening, a social gathering? A baby shower, wedding, or party. Isn’t it so fun to be asked to coffee or to dinner or to church? So, you’re invited to go with us.

You’re welcome in our space and you have a place at our table.

In the first episode you meet us, the hostesses. We are real life friends. We all have a common goal: to make the name of Jesus famous. We are friends and wives and moms and employees. We are trying to make a mark on our corner of the world. We love the Word of God and want those around us to unlock the treasures within it. We give our time, talent, and treasure to our church and to the people around us. We love our city and what God is doing in its midst.

And we want the Gospel to go forth.

And I’ll let you into a little bit of our world: we are loving this.

We will have fun. We hope you’ll laugh with (at?) us.

We will go deep. We hope you’ll dive with us.

There’s space for you. And we hope you’ll join us!

You’re Invited!

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