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The Power of Giving Up

The Power of Giving Up

Want to know a control freak’s nightmare?  2020. Every Type-A person in the world right now probably feels like someone who mapped out their life using perfectly-placed LEGO pieces- and then found out their foundation was a trampoline. 

A few giant bounces (read: global pandemic) and the “plan” is suddenly popping around like a thousand bright cubes in the air. 

If there is one thing COVID-19 has revealed, it is the frailty of our plans, our bodies, our society, and our world. Every element of the life you are building, in the span of a few weeks has been rendered uncertain:

  • You might lose your job.
  • There might not be enough food or toilet paper.
  • You could get sick.
  • Someone you love could die.
  • The economy could collapse.

And certainly 200,000+ projected deaths in America is nothing to joke about. 

Our lives are utterly reliant on the Good God to sustain us and provide for us at the most basic level.

So here is your friendly reminder:

Not to wash hands, or stand 6 ft away from people… but to GIVE UP. 

Stop striving to run your life, or depending on your own strength to provide for yourself, or make a path. 

The gospel is Christ IN YOU the hope of Glory. That means your and my only hope or surviving and thriving in life at all, is to surrender to Him. 

“Surrender” means to cease waging war. Admit you’ve got nothing: no ability, no plan, no provision that is worth relying on except Him.  He alone has the control and ability… our power lies only in giving up everything to Him. 

Take it from the man who experienced every worldly grief and catastrophe: 

I know that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.” – Job 42:2

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