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On occasion, I’ll speak with the assistance of a translator to people in other countries. The translator can make or break the speech, depending on how aligned s/he is with the message, tone, intent, pacing, and trajectory I desire to communicate. Most often, I feel like something is lost in translation.

Money is a medium: a translator or carrier of intention, emotion, passion, creativity, or desire. Many times, money feels like a block to a desired goal, like a translator with whom I just can’t get on the same page. 

One thing I’ve learned about translators is the more time I spend with them off stage, the better we are together on stage. We need space to catch one another’s hearts so that we’re doing more than throwing words at an audience–we’re actually communicating with intention and passion.

Do you feel like money is a good translator of your deepest desires? Do you wrestle with money? Have you spent enough time with it to really consider what you want it to express for you? If you’re not clear on what you want it to do and say on your behalf, it certainly will not be effective in its work.

We need time, off the spending stage at the supermarket, or away from the marketing messages at the mall, to consider our relationship to money. Consider creating a weekly check-in where you pause and reflect on whether money is a medium that translates your deepest desires in a way that brings you joy.

Tommy Brown

Tommy Brown is a writer, speaker, and develops strategies that support financial development. He and his wife Elizabeth live in Winston-Salem, NC along with their children Seri and Seth. He served in leadership at two churches as an ordained minister from 2001-2014, leading congregations into financial wellbeing and a holistic approach to integrating faith and finances. Tommy has a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry and Masters degrees in Divinity and Management. His entrepreneurial endeavors over the years have extended into real estate development and church consulting on stewardship matters. Now, Thomas works alongside an award-winning team of storytellers at Wake Forest University, performing strategic planning and project development for initiatives that fund the university¹s $1,000,000,000 capital campaign. Thomas was instrumental in forming Wake Forest University's financial wellbeing initiative. He has a heart for seeing churches, students, and people of faith form connections between faith and finances.

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