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Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health

We have talked about mental health. And I suggested that with all four areas, those areas being: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health, there are 4 areas that I think are important to contemplate. I think those areas are: fuel, exercise, rest and community.

So, just like with mental health, let’s ask the same questions for Spiritual health.

Since I have been made alive in Jesus, I have His Holy Spirit dwelling inside of me. It’s no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. Instead of asking, “what are we fueling our spirits with?” I want to ask, are we allowing the Holy Spirit of God to fuel us? To fill us and overflow from us?

Do we commit ourselves to spiritual exercise? Do we get up and go put the teachings of Christ into action? Or do we sit and get fat off of good teaching and a talented worship group? Do we actually worship God in what we think, say and DO?

Do we take spiritual rest? Breathe God’s peace in and hand the burdens of the day over to Him?

Do we partake in a spiritual community? Are we around other saints who sharpen us, hold us accountable, push us towards God and help us carry our heavy burdens to Him?

As we reflect on these different aspects of our health, I think we will find that we are much more complicated beings than we credit ourselves with being. Every part of our existence plays a role in our holistic health. If we are incredibly healthy physically but we are mentally stressed and emotionally spent, our body is not going to feel fit it’s going to feel fried. We have to be good stewards of every part, not just pick and choose what we take care of. It’s a lot of work being a human. Let’s strive for holistic health together.

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