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Living Forward into the New Earth

Living Forward into the New Earth

“You’re so heavenly minded, you’re no earthy good!”

This is one sadly deceptive statement. The idea is that our minds are so fixed on heaven and the afterlife, we aren’t effective in the here and now. If I were to focus on an ethereal home in the sky where I’d live forever as a disembodied spirit, I might not be very effective. My overall understanding of things to come might color my “now” in a negative way.

But what if I focused on the new earth, the restoration of all things, and the reality of a future home where God remakes and renews the earth the way He originally intended it to be? I believe this would enlighten my mind to the glimpses of beauty all around me and possibly give me a hope beyond all hope, despite the chaos I see with my eyes.

Let’s get real. We live amidst a current existence that is difficult to swallow. We live in homes with security systems, while terrorists threaten our safety. We load up with supplements and medicines, yet diseases and death can still overtake us. Sunny blue skies often give way to hurricane winds and flying tree branches. Even basking in the beauty of a lovely garden or the awesome animal kingdom leads us to the reality of weeds and thorns, predators and prey.

Can we just let our imaginations soar for a moment to picture our fascinating world minus the curse? Take away the security threats, take away the sickness, take away the tempest, the thorns and death itself. Can you see what emerges? THIS is what the new earth will consist of with our Jesus being the Light that overtakes all darkness.

Do you have any suppressed passions that you’ve never been able to fulfill due to life’s circumstances? We’ll have all of eternity to do what our hearts have been longing for! Personally, I’ve always wanted to play the piano and flute. I believe the Lord will allow me to learn these things and much more. So, as we look forward to a myriad of options with joy unspeakable, we’re fueled to be ever so grateful in the here and now. And in that gratitude we are open to whatever it is that the Lord would have us do because we are living in the light of God’s ultimate fulfillment of promise. The overflow spills out onto the world around us and we truly become “earthy good”.

I was meditating on these things recently as I was overcoming flu symptoms. I wondered what it would be like to be perfectly healthy, using  my God-given brain to discover things I could not fathom while in this current body, walking in emotional freedom without hindrances, having healthy communication with loved ones without the fear of judgment or criticism, and oh, never growing weary or frustrated, depressed or anxious. WOW! It seems like a fairytale, yet this is what we were made for! The effects of the curse, our own sin nature, and demonic influence have led us to believe that the mess is normal. IT IS NOT! And one fine day we will get back to the Garden in all of its lushness and wildness and we’ll discover THIS is life or as William Nicholson would put it, not these Shadowlands. The sweet, clean air will be ours. We’ll embrace the sunlight without the burn. The vast ocean will not pose a threat, as humans and animals will live together in harmony. Lions as pets? Dream on! An outing to Jupiter? Let it happen! Humans living in harmony, no longer on opposite ends of political debates or religious dogmas? Yes! Let it be so!

I’m living forward in my mind as I read these truths in scripture. I believe Jesus died to redeem me from sin, guilt, and shame and that I am a co-heir with Christ of this kingdom that we pray down (“Your kingdom come, your will be done…”) and this kingdom that is yet to come.

At the culmination of all things, our bodies will be made redemptive-ready for the new earth. The anticipation is almost too much to fathom and the joy that overtakes me when I focus on the restoration of this beautiful universe keeps me moving forward in this amazing journey.

I have hopeful expectation that as fellow believers, we can lock arms on this adventure and when the going gets tough, remind one another of the world to come.

 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!”Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” (Rev. 21:5)

Amen. Let it be so.

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Lori Travers

Lori finds the Joy of the Lord to be her strength. Born and raised an Italian Jersey girl, she has finally settled in the south as Reynolda Presbyterian church became her new home. Ministry to women, reading, writing, cooking, and anything having to do with animals are her sweet spots. Having a background in cardiac testing, she chose to stay home and raise three incredible children who are now married, and currently has 2 precious granddaughters and one faithful husband of 34 years.

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