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A Letter for the Battle Scarred Christian

A Letter for the Battle Scarred Christian

Note: This is a guest post from Hollie Gomez (@Hollie_Gomez ).

Dear You,

You will get through this! Life is hard, full of twists and turns and challenges, but you have much to be thankful for. Your best years are yet to come! God made you and loves you. You have to know this and believe this because it is the truth and the foundation for everything. All joy and purpose and adventure in life comes from walking with Jesus.

Sometimes life is hard, it is true! People get sick. People you love leave your life. You can feel isolated and alone. You can experience the depths and pain and suffering from disappointment, rejection and destruction. You can feel like your joy, purpose, and future have been stolen. But God says he has a plan for you! Plans to prosper you, to give you hope, and a future. Whatever you are going through is temporary…a lull if you will, a valley between peaks. Take the time to dig into the Word and rest if you can. You have important work to do…work that is life giving and refreshing to your soul. Don’t give up! Run the race that is set before you with endurance!

Do not let yourself be deceived or distracted or distraught. These are the obvious tools of your enemy. When you are getting closer to your joy and purpose, he will do whatever he can to distract you. Make no doubt about that…it is what he does. You will recognize this because the timing of your trials will be all too convenient for him. He will play on your desires, your fears, your insecurities and ultimately you will feel confused and in chaos if you go down his unholy path. Turn the light on now. Get in the Word of God whose promises and truth will bring you the clarity you are longing for.

Try to come out of your mind, confess your dark thoughts and doubts to a trusted friend. Ask Jesus to help you, to forgive you for being a prodigal if you have begun to run away..we all know the Father’s posture towards the prodigal. Run to Him. His arms are open. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him…every single one of them.

Invest in the relationships you have. Your spouse, your children, your family and friends…your co-workers…those people in your circle. Don’t give up on them. You are in their lives for a reason and they are in yours’ for a reason as well! But keep your boundaries with those that are toxic.

Allow yourself to have goals and dreams and interests and take baby steps forward…just don’t give up. You matter. Your talents, interests, and gifts are from God to be invested into His world for His glory. It is satisfying and immensely rewarding to be able to work alongside your Savior.

As for that thing…whatever sin is seeking to entangle you…let it go. It serves no good purpose. You can escape with your integrity. Let God take care of the rest. Open your hands and let it go…it’s a temptation from the enemy that is empty…it’s Turkish Delight from the White Witch.  It is nothing real, nothing like you imagine, and fraught with pain and destruction. The enemy is so good at the deception…we know this now. Do not let him steal your joy. Fight for it. Keep it. It is your treasure.

Your roots in the Gospel go deep. Rely on your community. Seek healing prayer and pray for others! Watch God grow your faith and never stop believing in His unfailing love.


One Who Has Been There

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