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The Word You Need To Banish From Your Vocabulary

A few years ago, I decided to stop using a particular word. I not only over-used the word, but had found that it was causing real damage in my life—at work, in relationships and in my spiritual life.

It’s a 4-letter word. But probably not one that you’re thinking of. (I still occasionally use those.)

The word that I have sought to banish from my vocabulary is the word “just.” Let me explain.

It all started at work. As a writer, I found that I was constantly told to “just” do something.

“I just need a caption.” “Just...

When Serving Isn’t Sexy

It was cool and gray as I drove through a quiet neighborhood near my house and parked my car at a small elementary...

Angry on My Island

How’s your life been for the past five days? Has it been good? I truly hope so. Let me tell you how mine’s been....

Baltimore and the Pink Chair

When riots broke out in Baltimore, I didn’t know. I wasn’t on my computer that day. I spent the day picking out paint for my...

Father, forgive him

I’ve been angry recently. I’m in the middle of some circumstances that feel unjust. And it’s easy to blame one person whose individual decisions...


When I was 16 I ran over my cat with my car. She was blind and deaf, and I was new to the whole...