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It is finished. The debt is paid.

These were the last words of Jesus’ ministry before death, and also, in a much less significant sense, my sentiments as I finish my summer tour with the Air Force. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve waited hours in an airport to ride on a metal sheet holding onto a cargo net. And now, my sweet readers, I share with you what I’ve learned.

  1. Be a morning person. I used to sleep until 11 or 12 on weekends, but now can’t force myself to rest any later than 9. The reason? Months of awaking between 0430 and 0630. It is awful, but also awesome. There is something about waking early that makes you feel extremely accomplished, even if you get nothing else done in the entire day. Plus Jesus did it. So.. Yeahhhh.
  1. Logistics make the world go round. Planning takes time. Lots of time. Unbearable amounts of time. But planning is the key to… Well stuff. It gets stuff done like nothing else. And stuff is good… Right?
  1. You’re gonna work with people you don’t like. Probably often, for long amounts of time. We had a lot of 14-16 hour days this summer, stuck with a group of 17 others for 3 months. It was rough at times, because even when everyone is training to be a chaplain, people are jerks. But out of that, there is definitely something to be said for grin and bear it. Don’t like the way the Lieutenant next to you taps their foot constantly? Just smile and realize it’s not the end of the world. Or cut it off.
  1. In life and work you will do many arbitrary things for seemingly no reason. And it’s ok. The military’s favorite saying is “hurry up and wait.” I would explain it, but I don’t want to demean your intelligence. It’s pointless and frustrating. However, life can be frustrating at times too. Sometimes you really do have to hurry up to wait. It’s no fun, but honestly could be a lot worse.
  1. Finally, always look on the bright side of life. It’s kind of been the theme throughout, so it wraps things up nicely. The things we do in life aren’t always fun. The ministry that Jesus has called us to may not be rewarding. It may not be interesting, and in actuality it may be extremely frustrating at times. But if you stay focused on the calling, that you are there for a purpose and not a paycheck, then it’s not so bad. Even when you have to lace your freaking boots up early each morning.

James Harris

James is probably the 3rd or 4th funniest guy you know. Funny enough to invite to a party; not witty enough to talk about later. Co-Founder and Content Editor of Everyday Exiles, Director of College Ministry at Reynolda Church, EPC, and husband to Meredith. He has a dog named Calvin, a cat named Opie, and a robot vacuum named Alfred.

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