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The God-Man Cometh [Day 6]

The God-Man Cometh [Day 6]

If you can’t have a good time slow walking through Target with your family, you’re missing out. So many new gadgets to see, there’s always a new blender to look at, some overpriced area rug Chip and Joey are pushing, and the people, oh man, the people. Whatever your favorite shop stroll matinee of choice is, when you’re with the people you love, and time is on your side, there’s always some fun to be had. 

Then there is the other type of trip, the pre-snow storm/night before vacation/Black Friday/on the way to small group we forgot that we’re bringing apps Walmart trip. 2 carts (make sure the bearings are well lubed and there’s no fish tale wheel scenario), you hit the grocery section, I’ll hit the pharmacy, battery, gift, everything else section. You race against the clock and your budget. You dart up and down aisles, desperate to find a blue vest to ask only to get ticked cuz they say they don’t have “that” when you know they do.  You get super annoyed with the old lady standing mid aisle while she picks out pasta sauce but you’re in the south so you’re a gentleman so you stand and wait patiently while you smile gritting your teeth. You avoid eye contact as you slip into the shortest long line cuz self check out would be insane and you figure the guy with 40 boxes of Mac and cheese is better than the bald guy with 3 items and his checkbook out. 

The only way to get through the latter trip is to divide and conquer. In a way, that’s what God decided to do. Now I know it’s a real stretch to compare the sinless only begotten son coming to earth to save all of humanity to a hurried Walmart trip, but there’s some beauty in the relatable. 

In 1 John 4:9, the Bible says “In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.” God took a part of himself, his beloved perfect offspring, and sent him to his creation to draw His beloved to him. Not quite “divide and conquer” but more “division initiative.” The holy God made himself available to man.  He fulfilled generations of prophecy to show Himself to his people. And if in the off-chance you are reading this because your aunt shared it with you on boomerized Facebook, please know that God sent His only son to this earth for you. 

That is what we celebrate on Christmas. The God-man cometh, just for you. 

Guest Writing: Gene Francis

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