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Divine Invasion [Day 7]

Divine Invasion [Day 7]

When you think of the word invasion – what do you think of? I think of aliens. You probably don’t think of Jesus’ birth.

Webster’s dictionary defines invasion these ways: an occasion when an army or country uses force to enter and take control of another country; an occasion when a large number of people or things come to a place in an annoying and unwanted way; an action or process that affects someone’s life.

Literally none of those definitions, at face value, describe how Jesus came to earth. In Luke’s gospel, he uses language to paint a picture of poor parents, heading to register because of decree, forced to sleep in a barn, wrap the baby in cloths and put him in a manger. We can all see the picture of the animals surrounding them as glory shines from the fresh newborn while straw is strewn at all of their feet. Not really an invasion of any sorts, was it?

But what if I told you: Jesus’ birth was an invasion in every sense of the word. 

From the beginning of time, there was a plan for his rescue of the world. You better believe there were people (enter Herod, Pilate, Pharisees, etc) who did not want this baby to enter their spheres nor did they want any kind of press on their religious and governmental institutions once he arrived. 

He was desperately unwanted by the forces of darkness. He entered earth, though with meager earthly circumstances, with multitudes of angels and magnificence of power at his fingertips. He could have commanded large numbers of people, things, or angels to move at his word – for even the winds and waves would obey his voice.

Would you believe that his invasion was particularly unpleasant and unwanted by many? When we were at enmity with God, his presence was unpleasant and unwanted by us. And you better believe his divine invasion of history was an action that would affect every corner of the cosmos.

And in true Kingdom of Heaven fashion (completely opposite to the kingdom of the earth), Jesus would invade the world as a tiny baby, with infant fists; grow up as a teenager who taught in the synagogue and used his hands as a builder; and then those rough hands would be nailed to a cross, where the forces of hell could not stop what his birth had set into motion. And now, in this Advent season, he invades each of our hearts and lives.

His invasion is the absolute best thing to happen to us.

Christ the Lord, we long for you – invade our world, our city, and our hearts this Advent season.

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