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The Answer Is…


That is the answer folks and I’m sorry if it seems too simple or cliche or Sunday school but you think you’re mad? I just wrote an entire piece on how it’s okay not to have all the answers! Well, He is the answer, folks. He is the answer. 

Let’s look at this in the Word. Every time someone asks Jesus or God an answer they say- Me. 

Adam and Eve: ate fruit – aka: it’s about us not God.
God: no actually it is about God. World broken. (The book Genesis chapter 3).

Noah: “who shall I say sent me?”
God: I AM. (Aka: we don’t get to name God, He is all powerful Creator of all, King of kings, Lord of lords, Beginning and End…) (the book Exodus chapter 3, verse 14) (the book Revelation chapter 22, verse 13).

Job: why is my life ruined?
God: I created the foundations of the earth with science, art, architecture, math, beauty, power, wonder, mystery, love… aka: it’s about God. (Job chapter 38, verse 4)

Jesus: I am the way, truth and life. (Aka: it’s about HIM). (The gospel of John chapter 14, verse 6). 

…every answer is God. That’s it. I challenge you- go read the Bible and tell me if you find a different answer. That’s our quarantine activity. 

Okay so this time is a crazy one. Everything has changed so rapidly and we never know what tomorrow might bring. Not that we ever really have, but our false sense of security was real nice, even if it was just that, false. However, we know the one who DID lay the foundations of the earth. The One who DOES call the sun to rise every morning and our HOPE can only be in Him alone. 

Nothing else. 

Not doctors. Not a healthy economy. Not the ability to run to the store for almost any need. 

During the last two weeks, as COVID-19 has really become a reality in my area, I have hoped in Christ. And then I’ll hear a piece of news about the virus and my eyes are opened to my hope being partially rooted elsewhere. In doctors. In keeping my job. In whatever. And I have to redirect and gather all my hope back to the ONLY ONE who brings true hope, and that is Christ, the King. He is a refuge, He is my strong tower. He is my strength. 

The book of psalms, chapter 61, verses 3&4 say, “For You have become my refuge, a strong tower against the foe. I long to dwell in Your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of Your wings.” 

I am working to commit this verse to memory. During this time, it’s especially helpful to fill our minds with the comforting Word of God. (The Book that lets us know who life is all about…)

I encourage you to find a verse to meditate on and commit to memory. Doing so will help remind us to hope in Christ alone.

Lastly, lovely reader, know that you are in no way alone. I know it’s easy to feel isolated right now when we are all literally distancing ourselves from one another, but you are joined in the struggle by the rest of the world. We are unified right now by our distance. We are all looking for ways to feel connected. Reach out to someone today with a text, phone call, piece of snail mail and let them know they are not alone. I pray that people come to your mind that God desires you to reach out to and that you boldly do so. 

Also, do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help as well as offer it. When you do so, you are blessing others and giving them a job, purpose, work. 

You are loved, you are seen. Hope in the one true God. He is with you always, even to the end of the age. 

The gospel of Matthew chapter 28, verse 20b: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Let us point everyone one we can to Christ, it truly is all about Him. He is it. He is the answer. 

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