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Why I Stopped Avoiding Conviction and Started Embracing It

For most of my life I have been a church-goer and surrounded by Christians. My parents had us in church most Sundays and they...

Slow Down … A Mother’s Day Reminder

I have a vivid memory of bringing our first little boy home. Being a mom was all I ever wanted to be. We set...

Growing Pains

I can remember being in bed when I was a child and feeling an ache in my knees and feet.

My mother walked across the...

Everybody Benefits

Every weekday morning, I walk my six year old son to his classroom, and every morning he expects to see his beloved teacher, Ms....

Rx. For What’s Bugging You

Post by New Contributor Lori Travers!

You’ve got scabies.

This is not something you want to hear upon visiting your integrative doc’s office.

For a split...

Humble Pie

Do you know what Bible verse I hate the most?

Well really, it’s actually a topic. Do you know what topic in the Bible I...

The Voice That Fills Our Voids

Have you ever tried watching a movie with a lot going on around you? Maybe you sat next to a “talker” or a “question...

Right Climb Wrong Mountain

There are fifty-four mountains in Colorado that are over fourteen thousand feet tall. Fourteeners they’re called. Catchy name. Creative. Well when my wife, dog...


Note: A guest post by Lori Travers.


Just the word alone brings a picture of “I SO LAY DOWN FEELING SHUNNED”.

Write Your Heart Out

This week, I spent time with Leighton Ford in his Charlotte home. Leighton, now well into his eighties, married Billy Graham’s youngest sister,...