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Raise Your Standards.

Raise Your Standards.

We have been talking about our buying habits the last two weeks. We have covered that where we buy our clothing as well as our food actually matters. We’ve used the quote that every purchase we make is like a vote and we challenged ourselves by asking the question, what are we voting for? We know that what we demand as consumers, is what companies supply. We now know that we have got to demand better for the good of every other human being on this planet. We’ve gotta do it for our neighbors in other countries who are affected by our purchases.

So, today I want to talk to you a little more about raising our standards. Not only in the sources of our goods but also relationship wise, as well as personally.

Let’s start with personally.

You, wherever you are, whatever your name is, whoever you are related to. Even though I do not know where in the world you are, even though I do not know who your family is, or even what your name is, I do know 3 indisputable facts about you.

The first is that YOU were created in the image of the Most High God. Do you know how I know this? Because you, babe, are not thrown together but intelligently designed. If you have ever taken an anatomy class, you know how intricately your body is put together, how many systems are in place that allow you to do all the things you do. It is truly incredible. A work of art and science. That means your creator is an artist and a scientist. Also… God said He made you in His image, and I’m goin’ with God on that one. (The book of Genesis chapter 1, verse 27: “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”)

The second is that YOU have a purpose. Your life is not meaningless. Not only A purpose but one that is specific to you. No one else has the same exact purpose that you do and no one can live out your purpose like you can. You have gifts and talents that only you have babe, YOU are a unique cocktail of beautiful, incredible things. Do not sell yourself short.

The third thing that I know about you is that you are worth more than you could ever imagine. The greatest sacrifice someone can make for another person is giving their life for them (The gospel of John, chapter 15, verse 13). That is what Jesus did for His church, His bride. So, the third thing I know about you, is that you are worth dying to save. You are worth manifested perfection taking on sin and shame so that you could live perfect, sinless, and shameless before the Most High God, the one that created you, wove a purpose into the fabric of your being and sent His perfect Son to die for your sins so you did not have to die for them.

Those are the 3 things that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt about you and Lady, I pray that you one day do as well. Until you do know these 3 things you will treat yourself like crap. I treated you like crap until I knew them about myself and then automatically about you. And I’m sorry, I’m sorry for competing against you as if we both had the same purpose and I just had to do it better than you to get ahead. I am sorry for not pursuing a friendship with you because I was so jealous of you that it made me sick to my stomach to see your face. I am sorry for cutting you off from community that I could have been building with you. I am sorry for not seeing your worth. Now that I do, I can’t un-see it. Now that I have seen through God’s word how much He loves YOU, I cannot treat you like crap. I cannot overlook your hurt, I cannot objectify you or compete against you. I am convicted to encourage you towards using your gifts and talents for His glory, I am pushed to help you see your unending, indescribable worth and value, I am asked by God to connect you with community and resources to help you along your journey. (The entire book of Ephesians). Even as I type out these words in my quiet kitchen, I feel my heart go out to you, my soul long to connect with you and worship by your side in community. Listen to me love, you are loved. You have immeasurable value and worth. Don’t you dare let anyone tell you do not. Don’t you dare let yourself tell you that you do not. If they have told you that all your life, and it’s woven so deep through your memories and no one has ever told you you are loved, hear me. It is no coincidence that you are reading this blog today. It is not a happenstance that God is guiding me along to write these words for you. You are hearing what He so desires you to. You are Loved. You are Worthy. You are Smart. You are Beautiful. You Have A Purpose. Someone died so you could be free from everything that is holding your boldness back. Someone died so that those cruel voices had no solid ground to stand on. Someone died to shut the mouths of the accusers. It was the same man that stood in front of the women caught in adultery and told the crowd that the person without sin throw the first stone and no one did. He was the only one who could and He did not because He loved her. Seconds after she sinned, He loved her, stood up for her and later died for her. (The gospel of John chapter 8, verses 3 through 12).

Now, relationship wise? Where is the bar you have set? Babe… lets be real. Is it two inches off the ground? Because anybody and their internet history can get over that. Who are you allowing to speak into your life? Who are you allowing to be blessed by your presence? To be in a relationship with you? Are they treating you like you were created in the image of the Most High God? Are they treating you like you have an incredible purpose, gifts and talents and encouraging you to use them? Are they treating you like you have value and worth and like someone died for you? If the answer is no to any of those questions, you have got to raise your standards love. People will raise to the standards set before them, or they will go find someone else to prey on and put down but it ain’t gone be you Lady. Not while I am around. Treat yourself like you would treat someone you love, because you should love you, you are worth it.

Today in the grocery store I was looking at eggs. My momma taught me to always open the carton and check to make sure none were broken. Well I am a parent-honoring woman soo I do what momma tells me to do folks. Today I opened one and the carton was ripped. That’s all, just not totally altogether. I put it back and picked up another. Pristine. I went on my way with my carton of perfection and stopped. I looked back at the dejected carton of eggs, looking even more sad on the egg shelf. And girl, I almost went back. I legit, got in my head over EGGS! I was like, well who am I to get perfect eggs. No one else wants a ripped carton either. It’s really no big deal…

WE DO THIS ALL THE TIME IN RELATIONSHIPS. We go all- well, they just hurt me a little, I’m just not gonna mention it. I don’t really deserve better, do I? No one gets better than what they are willing to give me, I mean like…

STOP IT. Stop. You do deserve better and if you demand it, it will make them better. If you pick up that ripped carton they will never know there’s something wrong with ripped cartons. But if no one does, they’re gonna have to be more careful with the egg handling, you feel me Lady??

Raise your standards right now. You deserve more. Demand more.

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