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Life Lessons Learned While Being A Sister

I have vivid memories about my grandmother. My dad’s mom was everything in my little world. Images of her hands cooking and caring for us are an important piece of person I am today. She always made everyone feel loved and welcome. Regardless of who you were, you always felt like you mattered when you were around her.

I have tried emulating her recipes and even a bit of her style, but there’s one thing she did that I will always attempt to do as well — she was always close to her sister. As busy as her world was, it came to a screeching halt if her baby sister called or came over. Edna and Eckie. Their names are evident of the changing times, but those two were fully aware that one thing never went out of style – relationships matter. They led busy lives and each had families of their own, yet they made a space and place of importance for a relationship that was a foundation to who they were.

Sisters (both by birth and by choice) are the best kind of mirror. I was lucky enough to be gifted one little sister. They named her Carrie. How I lived the first three years of my life without her, I’ll never know. She’s my anchor. When life is just too much, I call sister. First, she’ll make the load lighter by making me laugh. Then she’ll help me adult. Sometimes I forget just how to go about adult-ing. She reminds me. She held my babies when they were just hours old. For my first one, she knew I was a bit overwhelmed so she dropped everything and flew across the country. After we’d both had our babies, she decided that it was important enough to move closer so our boys could grow up knowing what it was like to play with your cousins.

She must have been watching Edna & Eckie too, because she made the same priorities and choices and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Jess Chambers

Jess juggles the best of both worlds on a daily basis … a family she adores and a job she loves (well, most days). She and her husband Aaron have been married for 12 years and have been blessed with two amazing, energetic little boys – Brody Rayf (almost 6) and Kellen Rhys (3). She’s been working in the music industry for 9 years serving as the paperwork girl amongst all of the creative minds who make the music happen. In both gigs, she just strives to make the chaos look classy.

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