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Fresh Starts

As I sat down to type this post, I realized that I don’t really know what to talk about. Honestly, I’ve felt disconnected from basically everyone but my wife Jamie for the last few days. Part of it has to do with missing my friends, part with me being sick most of the last two weeks, and another part with not really wanting to start classes. I also just feel exhausted.

Whatever the cause(s), I feel like my own personal being right now is somewhat similar to where the country is at the moment: disconnected from each other and exhausted. You don’t have to look very far to notice that people seem to be screaming at each other everywhere. No matter where you go, it seems like everything is becoming political.

A lot of us, including myself, were plugged in more than ever during the campaign and the first few months of the current administration. But the 24-hour news cycle and an administration that absolutely provides perpetual material for news outlets have really worn on us as individuals and as a country.

Thankfully, 2017 is over. We have a new year to work with as we seek to deepen our roots in Christ. Whether the Christmas season was restful for you or not, take heart that we have a new year filled with new opportunities to be better employees, spouses, friends, and followers of Christ.

I don’t know exactly what your thing is, what needs to get better for you. I also don’t have any real action steps for how you can get where you want to go. But we can always draw closer to Jesus by reading the Bible daily, actively loving those in our spheres of influence, and actually praying (that one’s for me). As you go through your personal process, remember that you are not alone. We are all stumbling through the dark towards Christ together. And better yet, Jesus is present with us in the midst of our struggles, empowering and equipping us to grow into his likeness.

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Sage Blalock

Follower of Christ. Proud husband to Jamie. Nihilistic Tennessee Volunteers fan. BA in Philosophy w/ concentration in Religious Studies, ETSU '16. Classical Studies Minor ETSU '16. Wake Divinity '19. Interests: Game of Thrones, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, and food. Big fan of food.

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