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Last week I wrote to you about Jesus being the answer. The only answer to every question. As frustrating as that can be in times when we would really like a little more detail, desiring another answer other than Jesus is like when Israel asked for another king other than God (in the book 1 Samuel, chapter 8, verses 1 through 22), in doing so they were directly rejecting God as their king.

So today I wanna share some thoughts with you about how we can honor God as our King. 

Looking to Him in times of crisis (The book of Psalms, chapter 121)

I think many times when we are plagued by trials it can be almost a gut reaction to resort to Google, news sources, friends and family. When trials come, there should be only One that we look to. The One who is the answer. In His presence there is no condemnation (Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, chapter 8, verse 1), no fear (except the fear of Him) (the 1st letter of John chapter 4, verse 18) (the book of Proverbs chapter 19, verse 23) (The book of Psalms chapter 114), no worry (The gospel of Matthew chapter 6, verses 25 – 34), no stress (the book Jeremiah, chapter 17, verses 7 – 8), no anxiety (the book of Psalms chapter 94, verse 19). 

So why don’t we run to His presence and rest there? Are we afraid we’ll miss something? Afraid there is something He isn’t telling us? Some information we can learn that will take away all the darkness the world has to offer and replace it with unapproachable light? The only One that can do that, is God. So why don’t we retreat to His presence? 

Abandoning all idols (The book of Exodus chapter 34, verse 14)

Idols may sound like an outdated word because we don’t make statues out of gold and then make sacrifices to them. But our modern world still does have plenty of idols. Pre-made and sent straight to our doors or living rooms. We don’t have to bother carving them, they are crafted for us and delivered. It’s really easy to not even notice them. 

They can be categorized as anything that takes our focus off of God and stands in His place. Anything we put before Him or give our time, resources and gifts to.

Lets, for the sake of example, take entertainment. Entertainment is good! I don’t think there is anything inherently bad about many kinds of entertainment. However, when we choose to sit and be entertained over loving God and our neighbors, we have begun worshiping entertainment as an idol. What about the comfort of having a home? That is a huge blessing from God! However, when we would rather keep a tidy home or maintain people’s perception of us than invite people into it to minister to, we have begun worshiping our home as an idol. These are both two idols that I myself struggle with. I challenge you to ask the question, “What things do I worship over God?” A way to evaluate is asking where you spend the most time, money, and attention.

Giving all to follow Him (The gospel of Matthew chapter 16, verses 24 – 27) (The gospel of Luke chapter 9, verses 57 – 62) 

Are there things you are still holding onto that make you say, “all I need is God and ________.”? We need to work on changing that equation to God + Nothing = Everything. What is in that blank for you? Nothing can be above God, nothing can be equal with Him either. We have to worship Him and Him alone. We have to believe in Him and Him alone. Let’s stop putting our faith in anyone and anything else and be Christ-centric. All in. 

In a time when the world seems to be burning and the sky seems to be falling, there is no better time to look to Him, abandon our idols and give everything to follow Him. He is the only One that will lead us down the path of life. 

The book of Psalms chapter 16, verse 11: You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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