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Are You At War?

Are You At War?

Yesterday I asked my mom what being saved FELT like. Coming out of the sheer chaos of her life before (my mother’s testimony is incredible) … I was curious to know, if there was any instant SOMEthing, any immediate response that moment, in which she could feel that things were different?

My mom nodded, “Absolutely. I will tell you what it felt like… it was as if the noise suddenly stopped, and everything became still.

Like right now in your house, the fridge is on, computers and lamps are plugged in. There is background noise we aren’t even aware is there… but if the power suddenly went out, everything would be turned off. It would be perfectly silent. That’s what it felt like. It was like the incessant sound of spiritual discord, was over.”

She talked about feeling a flood of grace and relief. Double grace- to cover her past, and to pave her future.

Her final thoughts were “I felt like my warfare had ended.”

I wonder if you feel at war. There is an internal turmoil, and relentless external warfare that exists. It’s there whether we realize it or not.

Imagine if that were replaced with P E A C E.

Can you imagine being actually invaded by light? Actually encountering the Spirit of the Almighty God?

For each of us it may be or feel a little different but make no mistake, something actually changes when Jesus comes into your life. This Jesus who saves. He SAVES. He rescues in a way you can FEEL and know.

We aren’t making this stuff up! It is a tangible, actual experience people have when light comes into darkness. Invasion happens. Truth interrupts the reign of lies. Peace subdues agitation. Order overpowers and stabilizes the chaos. He quiets the noise.

This is true. Jesus’ love is real, and it really changes people. When you invite the Prince of PEACE in, you will no longer be at war.

“Comfort, comfort my people,
says Your God.

Speak kindly… proclaim to her
that her WARFARE is finished.

That her iniquity is pardoned,
that she has received from the Lord’s hand – double for all her sins.”
Isaiah 40:1-2

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