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A Truth and a Prayer

A Truth and a Prayer

a Guest Post by Hollie Gomez

The truth about who Jesus is and what He has done does not change.

My displaced anger, disappointment, confusion, impatience and rebelliousness does not change the truth about who Christ is and what He has done.

My mood, my emotions, my will, my situation, my challenges do not change who Jesus is and what He has done.

I may blame.
I may doubt.
I may harden my heart.
I may despair.
I may sin.

This does not change who Jesus is or what He has done.

He is ever present, ever powerful, ever-loving, ever-forgiving, and always good to me.

His arms are always receiving, always empowering, always life giving. Always. Strong. Enough.

When I don’t, He does.
When I can’t, He can.
When I won’t, He will.
When I fail, He remains victorious.

Jesus, my victorious King, remind us of your power and presence in our lives to meet every need in just. the. right. way. Amen

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