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Eternal Joy [Day 17]

Eternal Joy [Day 17]

I believe joy many times gets confused with happiness. Happiness is that feeling we get when we buy a new awesome tee-shirt. Happiness is the feeling we get when we see our food coming at a restaurant. Happiness is the feeling we get when we get “likes” on social media. Happiness is fleeting. Happiness is contingent upon circumstances and events.

JOY is stable and sound. JOY does not waiver no matter the hard time. Joy lasts and outlasts happiness. Long after that new tee is faded and thrown to the back of the closet, the food at the restaurant is ingested and digested and the “likes” high has worn off, joy remains deeper than all of it.

What makes this thing that is joy possible?

Much like how the fullness that eating a good meal provides wears off, the things that only allow happiness wear off as well. So it would make sense that the One who makes eternal JOY possible is the One who will outlast eternity.

In the Bible there is this meeting that Jesus shares with a woman at a well. Jesus asks her for a drink and she pretty much says who are you to ask me for a drink and He tells her that if she knew who she was speaking with she would be asking Him for a drink because the water He provides comes from a well that never runs dry, a well that provides Living Water. (The gospel of John, chapter 4, verses 4 through 26). Jesus is claiming that He will satisfy us for eternity, that we will never want again once we are with Him.

So, I have a question: Have we let Him satisfy us? Honestly, have we? Or have we made ourselves busy, jumping from wobbly stone to wobbly stone hunting happiness down the creek of despair?

Christmas time is beautiful. There are lights and décor, gifts and music. However, if we are not careful we can get wrapped up in a lot of things that bring happiness and be left in the quiet moments feeling empty and hopeless because those things were not the One who brings joy.

I have wasted many years during the month of December in hot pursuit of a holiday romance, a gift I really wanted, a fun time with friends. All things that, in and of themselves, left me feeling hallow and lonely. But now that God has revealed to me who He is and has given me this Living Water I am satisfied in Him alone. Gifts are nice, so is romance with my incredible hubby, so is a fun time with friends! But nothing in this world can compare to the fullness of joy that Jesus and the salivation He offers provides.

Do not spend another year feeling hallow, be filled with joy this Christmas and get to know the Only One who provides it.

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