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James Bond: The Draw of Being in Control

Everybody loves James Bond. Well, almost everybody. Not if you are a criminal mastermind bent on world destruction (or particularly the destruction of Queen and country). But we’ll just assume that if you’re reading this your name isn’t Goldfinger or Christoph Waltz.

A staple of American culture, we are fascinated by the stories of Bond. Through the decades he has been played by different actors, some awesome (Sean Connery) some not as much (looking at you Pierce) but nonetheless, the agent who always wins has accomplished what other actors have failed to do—longevity.

Why is this?...

So you think boys can dance?

Saturday my 5-year-old daughter celebrated a friend’s birthday at a cooking party. While waiting for the chicken fingers to bake, all of the boys...

“Rejoice with those who rejoice”—on Facebook

Facebook is not always good for one’s mental health. Maybe you’re the type that posts provocative political posts and then engages in “friendly banter”...

#TheDress and Putting People in Boxes

By now, you’ve likely seen #thedress whether or not you ever cared about its true colors. One night recently I came home from speaking at...

Why Resolutions Fail

I once read this great illustration in Reader’s Digest: My friend Kimberly announced that she had made a New Year’s resolution to start a diet...