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Putting an End to Valentine’s Day

Is that love in the air? Or has popular culture just blasted us with so many ads that at this point all of...

The Pros and Cons of Santa Clause

The most wonderful time of the year is here. 

Unfortunately, living in North Carolina currently means that I’m struggling to get in the...

Bachelor Party

I went to a bar last weekend.

And it was weird.

Not that all bars are weird, but this particular one was. You see, it was...

James Bond: The Draw of Being in Control

Everybody loves James Bond. Well, almost everybody. Not if you are a criminal mastermind bent on world destruction (or particularly the destruction of Queen...

A Theology of The Walking Dead

Oh, The Walking Dead. How far it has come. From the beginning, with sweet, naive Rick waking up from a coma and finding the...

REVIEW: #Being13

Earlier this week, CNN aired a special entitled #Being13 where they followed over 200 13 year olds on social media for two years.

Here’s a...

What to do When You Just Don’t Care: 5 Ways to Fight Apathy

Apathy. As a grad student I know this well. Writing a paper the night before? Check. Figuring out the exact lowest score I have...

No More Better Boyfriend Advice

You’ve seen them. 

We’ve all seen them. 

“Top 35 Qualities Your Boyfriend NEEDS to HAVE”

“Top 100 Features You MUST HAVE In Your...

A Journey Finished

It is finished. The debt is paid.

These were the last words of Jesus’ ministry before death, and also, in a much less significant sense,...

I’m Engaged and Still Not Better Than You

I got engaged this past weekend to the most wonderful woman I have ever met, and am overjoyed that I get to spend the...