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Why the Hardest (and Best) Thing to Do is Just Show Up

Why the Hardest (and Best) Thing to Do is Just Show Up

Showing up seems simple.

I just go, and there I am. I’m there. I showed up. Easy.

More and more, though, I’m realizing the showing up...

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How To Truly Create Space

It was in a hot yoga class that I first heard the phrase. “Create space,” the instructor says after calling out our next pose....

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The Meaning We Often Miss in Philippians 4:13

I’ve always scoffed when people quoted Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” it reads. It’s often taken to...

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What Anne Lamott Told Me About My Story

Anne Lamott answered a question of mine today. No, literally. TED hosted a Facebook live video with the author, and encouraged viewers to comment...

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What Happens When You Give Up Social Media

Life without screens.


I spend all day on social media. No, really. My job is in the Christian media space, I manage no less than...

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Let’s Live Like We Know We’re Free

When was the last time you felt truly free? ...
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