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It’s Hard Being a Baby

My sweet little baby, you make me wish I was the baby. 

Seriously, though! You can lie around most of the day. You are fed...

Like I Have Known Him Forever

Have you ever had a person in your life that you just met, but you already feel like you’ve known each other forever? Right when...

Completely Normal Chaos

When I was in fourth grade, I first heard the phrase “completely normal chaos”. I think it was the title of a book...

To My Kids: Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes, at the end of a particularly trying day with you guys, I cry. I’m overwhelmed with all the feelings, with exhaustion, with knowing...

Things I Love About Newborns

After three years of watching my first and then second newborn grow into rough-and-tumble toddler and preschooler who feed themselves, make big messes, know more...