A community of creators that seek to express how Christ is in all aspects of culture and life

Our Story

In 2013 we dreamed of a place where diverse voices could come together and express how Christ is in all aspects of culture. Through ups and downs, a major name change and several website redesigns, here we are.


We live in a world where Christianity isn’t necessarily the home team anymore. For many, it’s a cultural relic, to be put in a box and forgotten about. A relationship with Christ is a foreign concept.


We don’t think that should be the case.


We are exiles living in a world that doesn’t totally understand us.

Everyday we interact with countless people who have stories, thoughts, feelings, loves and hates.


Everyday they are loved by a God who wants to know them intimately.


Everyday we may be the only people they interact with who have a relationship with the creator of the Universe.


So let’s take that seriously.


Let’s come together, create some cool stuff, and work out together what it looks like to love and be loved by Christ authentically in a whole new world. We don’t need to become famous, we don’t need to make a lot of money. But we really hope that as you read, you are encouraged, inspired, and challenged to be the best exile you can be.