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Episode No.39: Halftime Shows, Bucket List Travel, and Why You Need a Mentor

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Episode No.316: Dan and Ardi play 21 questions.

Episode No.18: YouTube is an ever-changing social media outlet. This week Ian and Walker discuss how YouTube has been an essential part of Walkosey from the beginning and how the medium has changed over the years.

Episode No.16: You can’t run a business without being able to confidently make decisions. Ian and Walker discuss the places where decisiveness had been most useful for Walkosey.

Episode No.15: Dan and Ardi discuss the Las Vegas shooting. Their guest Natalie recalls being a part of two different cults growing up.

Episode No.16: Ian and Walker talk with the owner of Royalty Marketing, Daryl Shaw, about his story of starting a business during the 2008 economic recession.